What’s Green About A Three Hour Sail

What's green about a Three Hour Sail Green Tourism Canada

For over forty years, Tall Ship Thane has provided sailing memories to thousands of guests in Victoria BC’s inner harbour. Owner and captain, Rob McCallum, is always focused on improving his sustainability performance.

Here are the top 5 things that are green about A Three Hour Sail:

1. The wind is at the heart of their business, and the reliance on fossil fuels is kept to a bare minimum, using less fuel in a year than most boats use in one trip.

3 Hour Sail Wind Powered - Green Tourism Canada
2. Thane is built largely out of re-purposed materials from de-constructed 19th century houses.

3 Hour Sail Built locally from recycled materials
3. Offering reusable plates, cups and cutlery to guests who bring their own food, drinks or wine reduces waste onboard the ship.

3 Hour Sail supply glasses, plates and silverware
4. Thane is equipped with four 80-watt solar panels that provide power to run all electronic components.

5. A company bicycle is used by employees to commute to work, and for guests to use to grab last minute picnic supplies.