News Release: Sustainable Tourism 2030 Launches

[KELOWNA, BC] – On the final day of Earth Month, Sustainable Tourism 2030 was launched by GreenStep Solutions to help the global tourism industry meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Sustainable Tourism 2030, previously Green Tourism Canada, brings together a range of programs and partners that offer guidance and support for the tourism industry, helping tourism businesses and organizations tell a credible sustainability story to meet the growing consumer demand for responsible travel, while making measurable changes to reduce the negative impacts of travel and grow the positive ones.

Angela Nagy, CEO of GreenStep Solutions, stated, “Sustainable Tourism 2030 is the culmination of more than ten years of work building and improving programs for the tourism industry. We are now bringing it all under one umbrella to make it easy for tourism businesses and organizations to access the support they need to advance the sustainability of the tourism industry in Canada and around the world. Let’s not let Earth Month end today – let’s make it a part of how we do business every day.”

The highlight of Sustainable Tourism 2030 is the free, online Sustainability Score, an opportunity for tourism businesses and organizations to work through a set of questions that have been developed to align with international standards, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14001. Participants can submit their responses for review at no cost to learn how they are doing before deciding to pursue full Sustainable Tourism certification.

Sustainable Tourism 2030 also features an eco funding program, training programs, carbon software and more, all designed to help tourism entities find the best path forward on their sustainability journey. These programs are delivered by award winning sustainability services firm and Certified B Corporation, GreenStep Solutions.

To learn more about Sustainable Tourism 2030 or to access the free Sustainability Score, visit